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About Us

Boostr Consulting: We are the ones helping companies, especially the newbies and innovators to obtain federal and state R&D tax credits and refunds. With over 20 years of experience, we are committed to find you resources that boost your research activity funding and profits.

Our Team

Boostr Consulting has a strong team of expert professionals belonging to the R&D tax credit industry. With a combined consulting experience of 30 years, our specialized engineers and lawyers are capable of offering you unparalleled assistance.

Our Approach

We, at Boostr, follow a customized approach to fit your individual R&D needs. Starting with a technical focus to identify your valid R&D projects, we go on to determine all the eligible R&D expenses utilizing our financial and legal expertise.

Our Services

We provide end to end services for all of your R&D claims - right from assisting you with the documentation to providing correct information to your CPA for inclusion in your tax returns.

Giving Back

Boostr Consulting believes in giving back to society. Each year, our company donates 2% of its yearly profits to a selected group of Colorado charities. Moreover, each of our employees steps into volunteer one full workday per quarter at a charity of their choice.

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